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We are a holistic skin spa that is dedicated to pampering you with superior service and products.

Island Glo skin spa

464073 SR 200 suite #5Yulee Fl. 32097

Tuesday thru Friday 10 am-6pm

Saturday 10 am-4pm




 We have a variety of facials.There are many upgrades available upon request.

Soothing Cucumber Is the most gentle and hydrating. Soothes sunburn or medicated skin, plumps up fine lines and smells fresh and crisp. 60 minutes $65.00

Island Glo   is our signature facial and is for the client that prefers routine skin care. It is most compatible with our variety of upgrades like the 24 Carat gold, warm milk chocolate and Cambrian blue clay.  60 minutes $65.00

Deep Cleansing (facial or back) This facial is best for Acne or if it's been at least 3 months since your last facial. We have a variety of masks to use depending on your skin type and this facial also includes extractions. 60 plus minutes  $70.00

Anti aging is the top of the line in products from Glo theraputics "Cyto-luxe" line. You will see a noticable difference after your service and purchasing "Cyto-luxe" products will extend the cosmetic benefits from this facial. The declotte is the most popular upgrade during this facial. 60 minutes  $70.00


aromatherapy ....... $5.00

extractions ........ $10.00

declotte' .......  $10.00

paraffin (hands or feet) ...$10.00

lip or eye treatment ....... $15.00

sinus relief massage ....... $15.00

reflexology ....... $20.00

Himalayan salt foot detox .... $25.00 

warm milk chocolate ....... $30.00

rose facial .........$30.00

vitamin C and citrus ........ $30.00

in love with lavender ........ $30.00

24 carat gold mask ....... $40.00



 Choose from 30, 60 or 90 minutes.

Combinations of Swedish, Thai, Lomi Lomi, Reiki, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Trigger points and deep tissue. Upgrades are available upon request.

All of our massages are customized for your specific needs. They are paired with essential oil infusions to create the ultimate relaxation.


aromatherapy ....... $5.00

paraffin (hands or feet) ....$10.00

lip or eye treatment ........ $15.00

sinus relief massage ........$15.00

hot stones ....... $20.00 and up

Lava shells .......$25.00

lymphatic drainage ...... $20.00 and up

Himalayan salt foot detox ...... $25.00

cupping ....... $30.00 and up

mini facial......$45.00

Body Wraps


 Body wraps are not just great for relaxation, but can actually detox, hydrate and firm your skin.

Island glo body polish is an all over exfoliation using salt or sugar scrub and followed by an application of body balm to nourish and hydrate the skin. Relax as dry skin and worries are washed away. Your skin will be silky smooth and radiant. 60 minutes  $85.00

Firm and Fabulous body wrap is our most popular wrap. Great to do before your wedding or vacation. We see results lasting more than two weeks because the firming and detox serums work together inside out and outside in. We start with a body scrub to better absorb the serums, our sea based products are natural and potent as they pull out toxins and nourish the body. Feel the warmth as your wrapped and relaxed. During this process is a great time for upgrades like reflexology, mini facial or scalp massage. After cleansing, try hard not to fall asleep as we massage body balm on to lock in the moisture, vitamins and minerals. 90 minutes ....... $110.00

Deep Sea detoxify me is highly recommended after an illness or change of diet. Our selection of natural detox is determined by what your trying to expel from your system like medications or food by-products. We start with a body scrub to better absorb the detox ingredients and release toxins through the skin. During this process is a great time for any upgrades like reflexology, mini facial, scalp massage or sinus relief massage. After cleansing we seal in moisture, vitamins and minerals with our fabulous body balm leaving your skin silky and soft.  90 minutes ...... $110.00

Take a bit out of cellulite  includes an intense body wrap with body scrub, pulsed technology (to break up clumped fat cells), firming serum and body balm massage. Visible results last about two weeks. While your lying relaxed and wrapped in warmth an opportunity is created for upgrades such as reflexology, mini facial or scalp massage. Please ask your technician for any additional upgrades. We're always promoting something seasonal and new. 120 minutes .....$150.00


sinus relief massage ......... $15.00

lip or eye treatment ........ $15.00

scalp massage ........... $15.00

hot stones ............ $20.00

Cambrian blue clay ....... $40.00

mini facial .......... $45.00 



 Choose from our variety of waxes to best suit your skin needs.

lip   ....... $10.00

chin or cheeks ...... $10.00

brows ....... $15.00

arms or under arms .... $25.00 and up

back or chest ...... $25.00 and up

1/2 leg ...... $25.00

full legs ...... $50.00

bikini ........$35.00

brazilian ....$60.00 

Manicure and Pedicure


 We use Isabel Christina "Let's touch" disinfectant which is hospital grade for your safety and our pedicure bowls are  pipe-less.

Therapy manicure  Nails are cleaned, cut and shaped, then soaked in warm, sudsy water. Cuticles are conditioned, pushed back and trimmed, followed by professional polish application or European buffing for a natural shine. A hand and mid arm massage with a rich, seasonal moisturizer adds to the finishing touch.  $25.00

Therapy pedicure Nails are cleaned, cut and shaped prior to a warm soak. Cuticles are pushed back and trimmed. Calloused skin is buffed away followed by a invigorating scrub all the way up to the knee. A mud mask upgrade is recommended and available. You will enjoy a foot and calf massage with our super rich seasonal cream. Then have your polish applied or choose the European buffing for a natural shine without polish.     $35.00


French manicure polish.....$5.00

Shellac polish.........$10.00

Shellac or gel polish is very durable and has superior shine. Lasts up to two weeks.

Arm and hand smoothing scrub..$10.00

Makes hands, arms and elbows silky smooth.

Marine Mud mask ........$10.00

Cooling mud helps detox thru the feet which feels fresh, tingly and is slowly removed with warm towels.


This Asian art of healing thru the hands and feet is also relaxing during this 20 minute extended massage time

.Hot stones massage.....$25.00

This is the ultimate addition to your pedicure. The hot stones will relax your tired feet and calves in this 30 minute extended massage time. 

Red Light therapy


 This full body therapy was discovered by NASA and is recognized for it's many health benefits. 

     Red light therapy detoxifies the skin, stimulates circulation and repairs damaged cells by promoting production of collagen and elastin. It can also relieve PAIN!

     Red light therapy is 100% natural, no UV rays, chemical and drug free, non-invasive, painless, safe for all skin types and FDA approved. There are no side effects or down time and noticeable results vary from person to person. Treatment time is 20 minutes and maximum results usually happen in the second month of unlimited sessions. 

Unlimited month of sessions....$75.00

Single visit..... $15.00

What to expect

Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
tightening and firming of skin (great after weight loss or childbirth)

clears up acne, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea

fades hyper pigmentation, sun spots, scars, stretch marks and burns

relieves arthritis and bursitis pain, pulled muscle, bulging disks, sprains, muscle spasms, tennis elbow, fibromyalgia and restless leg syndrome.

Speeds up healing time of burns, wounds and bone fractures.

Red light therapy has also been recognized for relieving stress, anxiety and insomnia.

Sounds too good to be true? 

Google Red Light therapy!!